blog-banner - Creator
Gregsite, now with SvelteKit and TailwindCSS. I wanted to make my site flashier and more interactive than my static site generator could do, and this is it!
lipu Linku - Maintainer
A web dictionary for Toki Pona, with all the fancy search features you could ever ask for!
ilo Linku - Maintainer
A Discord bot dictionary for Toki Pona, with various other features tacked on haphazardly!
ilo pi toki pona taso - Creator
ilo ni li lon ilo Siko li toki pona taso e sina! A Discord bot which enforces that you speak Toki Pona!
Static Website Generator I Guess (SWGIG) - Creator
If you've ever wanted to generate a static website, this is not the place to start. But you'll sure learn how weird Pandoc is.
blog-banner - Contributor
A weather service fit for your terminal. I fixed a weird bug that was making it useless in the United States, and I'm proud of that forever.
Cool Space Things - Creator
A very cool, if cludgy, NORAD object visualizer. Made with @jmfrees while in my undergrad. Yes, I know it takes a thousand years to load. Yes, I know the data is out of date.